hardware for premium interiors 2020

HPI Inner Spread-1

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  • 40 Pages of Components for Luxury Joinery.
  • Includes products from brand leaders; Blum, Hawa, Tectus, Dorma and more.
  • Door straighteners - fully concealed.
  • Heavy Duty concealed hinges - excellent for really heavy doors.

Our fully concealed door straighteners are shown on page 2, these allow the straighteners to be fully concealed by morticing into the door, covering it with a cap then veneering over it to give a seamless finish.  All adjustments are done from either the top or bottom of the door via hex drive.  No unsightly bars on the reverse to have to explain to designers or end clients!

Equally well worth considering are the heavy duty concealed hinges shown on page 4, just 3 hinges are needed for door of 40KG and 900mm wide!